An error has occurred while validating the configuration settings A unknown sex chat

Hi, I've installed a fresh TMS14.2 / TMSPE 1.1, when I load the Find Me/User Portal I get the error below, have I missed something?

I have nothing added to TMS yet, it's just a test installation, wasn't sure if I needed to add a VCS with the Find Me option key installed. We have seen this problem once before, and we then solved it by applying all Windows updates.

[0] content database(s) still need upgrade or cannot be upgraded. Additional exception in formation: The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'proc_Get Product Versions', database 'Share Point_Config', schema 'dbo'.

[0] site collection(s) are contained in the content databases. [1] other objects encountered, [1] of them still need upgrade or cannot be upgraded. I know this is an old question, but one of mine did this too.

:) Common Reason My problem was not a dependency error. So, basically, you need to check your MSI file and make sure that all dependencies are still valid. -Kjetil I am pretty sure it was updating to SP1 that fixed it.Remember when Visual Studio had a setup project template? Then you moved to Wi X and after learning it for 3 months and still being confused, you just moved to Web Apps?In the VS2010 solution I had upgraded the project to . When I later realized the project was also used in another solution I downgraded it to . For some reason everything seemed to be changed correctly in the csproj file except one place which is mentioned here: Error in setup project HRESULT = '80004005' I know this is already solved somewhere else but I wanted to shed some light on this from another problem angle.Have just installed JIRA and get this error message when starting it up. (The database has been closed [90098-185]))Used express install and have not made any configuration.

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